We,  “Gelmeda” JSC, are producing and constructing wooden frame-panel, modular houses, HTS-bearing beams. We can also offer you a cozy terrace, sauna and other.

We design, manufacture, build and reconstruct not only cozy homes, but also industrial buildings. Correctly redesigned former industrial building can easily become a great business center, a modern service or sports center.

Due to our companies capability, introduced up-to date technologies and innovative manufacturing techniques we are ready to take on large-scale projects.

Products of our company decorate not only Lithuania. We closely collaborate with European countries (France, England, Ireland, Austria, Spain), Scandinavian countries and third-world countries. We are valued for high quality, honesty, accuracy and application of innovative solutions.

We are constantly improving and applying tools of Lean system in order to create higher value for our clients by using less resources.

Our company is concerned about environmental problems and pay a lot of attention to ecology.

“Gelmeda” collaborates with reliable suppliers. We use time-tested and reliable materials, up-to date technologies, the best tools and equipment. By seeking to achieve the highest quality, we constantly invest into innovative technologies and technical tools that occur in the market.

Our company is very proud of its team, which consists of experienced and highly skilled professionals, that are constantly improving their qualifications in various courses and training.

Employees of our company are always ready to use their competences in order to find the product or technical solution that matches their needs.

Each client is respected and valued in our company. Our employees are always do their best to understands clients needs and find a solution that matches your expectations.