Design is one of the most important steps in the building process, therefore we are happy that our constructors can communicate simply and clearly with our clients and architects. Constructors prepares constructional part for a project, detailed drawing for manufacturing and mounting specifications for a building site.

By trying to combine modern design and durable construction, we seek to combine  your wishes with our possibilities by searching for innovative solutions. We are ready to make project corrections until the perfect solution for a client is found and the vision from your mind shapes in to a reality.

Our constructors collaborates with our  partners from Scandinavian countries and Germany.  We use one of the latest and most modern design programs SEMA. It doesn’t only allows us to avoid mistakes, but also creates our clients opportunity to see 3D model of the house before we even start producing it. And it doesn’t require any additional fees! And only when a client is completely satisfied with a project, it is transferred to a machine tools and production of it starts.

Design drawings and specifications are made according  to the building laws valid in the country where the building is builded: LR building laws and regulations, Euro code standards  or according Scandinavian TEK17 standard.

We do static calculations for all our projects, we check constructions according to prevailing loads of snow and wind in that area. Not by empty promises but by calculations, we assure that your house will be durable!

Projection is one of the most important steps therefore we are happy that our projectors can communicate simply and clearly with clients and architects. Projectors prepare constructional part of the project, detailed schemes for manufacturing and specifications with mounting schemes for building.

By solving questions of constructions and design consistency, we seek to combine your wishes and our possibilities and we look for innovative decisions.  Corrections of the project are made by client’s wish as long as a mutual agreement is made and the dream from your mind is slowly shaped into a real thing.

Constructors constantly keep in touch and make improvements together with partners from Scandinavia and Germany. SEMA is the newest and the most innovative German software, which is very helpful. This software not only helps to avoid mistakes, but also it gives a possibility to see a 3D model of forthcoming house before the manufacturing. There is no additional fee for that! When we know that the client is satisfied with the project, it is transferred to the machine-tool and it is manufactured in an automated way.

Additional service (we provide it for our clients): when the project of the house is prepared, we can accurately calculate amount of materials, which is needed to finish building and amount of materials, which we do not supply.

Innovative software helps us for preparing and implementing projects, where extremely accurate measurements are needed. The building is scanned by special equipment and its projection is transferred into 3D format.

By popularising the usage of BIM (especially in huge projects), our prepared projects can be exported into universal files, which are easy to access for subcontractors.

Works of projection are done by following valid building regulations of that country: building technical requirements regulations of the Republic of Lithuania, Euro Code standards or Scandinavian TEK17 standard. For all prepared projects static calculations are made, constructions are checked considering prevailing loads of snow and wind in that place. By calculations and not by empty promises, we assure you that the house will be durable!