We manufacture frame-panel elements, which are used for setting up of exterior walls, laps, roof or interior partitions by building individual houses or commercial buildings.

We are not bounded by the projects of built houses. We take on implementation of your bravest dreams, which are “put” into a scheme by professional and resourceful projectors. Frame-panel houses can consist of one floor or more; they can have balconies, terraces or sunroofs. This type of houses can be with sophisticated constructions or forms; houses can be large, medium or small with individual layout and sophisticated design. If you want a better implementation of your idea, we suggest you to select roofing, windows, other elements and materials of a wide variety assortment. It helps to create an individual project.

If you still think that frame-panel houses are boring, trust us your dream. We are sure that you would not hear any negative answer from us.

In the process of manufacturing we are not choosing the easiest way; we manufacture regarding your wishes and vision.

Why you should choose frame-panel houses?

Great thermal properties.

Do you know that equals sign can be put between relatively thin frame-house wall and thick (nearly 90 cm) brick house wall, if frame-house is thermally insulated by mineral wool? Frame-houses are distinguished by especially good thermal insulation properties.


Great microclimate.

It is guaranteed by using high quality, ecologic and natural materials. Also it is important to pay attention to high quality equipment of ventilation system.


Fire properties.

Wooden frame is covered and secured by special materials that do not support combustion and they are fireproofed. Also there are used fireproofed slabs and external finish.


Attractive appearance.

Frame-panel houses look very nice; they are compact (even if they consist of one or more floors) and create a feeling of easiness. There are a variety of architectural decisions.


Eco friendliness.

Natural materials are valued in the whole world. In building of frame-panel houses wood is prevailing material and other used materials are high quality, natural and ecologic.


Possibility of complex and exceptional architectural decisions.

Those, who think that a project of frame-panel houses can be boring, are very wrong. There are a great variety of even very complex architectural decisions. In this type of the house it is possible to arrange spaces very functionally. There is a unique possibility to expand the house (that is already used) by connecting an additional module.



Such a house will stand approximately 100 years, if you take good care of it. Its maintenance is simpler than houses of other types. If you want to lengthen durability of the house, you should renew it (to remove finish and to renew insulation) every 30-40 years (approximately). In that way the house will be a joy not only for you, but also for your great-grandchildren.


Rapid building and high quality.

Frame-panel house is cheaper than other constructions. It has an advantage: such a house is built very fast (up to 5 months). It can be easily reconstructed whenever you wish. The high quality is guaranteed by used materials, technologies and professional foremen.

From idea to comfort just 3 months

Client idea - 1 week0%

Project coordination and approval - 3 weeks0%

Projection - 3 weeks0%

Manufacturing - 3 weeks0%

Mounting and finishing works - 3 week0%