Rapid building is an advantage of modular houses.

Walls, roof and other elements of this house are made of metallic or timbered frame, which is filled by material for thermal insulation; there is full finish on the inside and outside, therefore modular house is light and warm and has very good properties of environmental noise insulation. These houses are environmentally friendly because there are built only of ecological materials. 

It is a rapid process to build this type of the house. Modification of the house is like playing with LEGO bricks: when people want or have bigger financial possibilities, or some conditions are changed and etc., it is possible to connect additional modules to the existing house or to refuse a part of a house by deciding to minimize space.

In modular houses there is guaranteed optimal humidity, warm and not harmful environment.

From idea to comfort just 3 months

Client idea - 1 week0%

Project coordination and approval - 3 weeks0%

Projection - 3 weeks0%

Manufacturing - 3 weeks0%

Mounting and finishing works - 3 weeks0%