„PRE-CUT” system allows significantly increase and simplify construction process of a frame-panel house. Our companies constructors will prepare mounting drawings and numerate timber elements, so that even costumer by himself could mount not complicated building, and experienced installer can install even the most complicated constructions.

By using the latest WEINMANN machine tools and hight quality C24 timber we can prepare timber elements quickly and with high quality cut, mill or drill various wooden constructions up to 13 meters long with 1mm accuracy. All wooden elements that are necessary for the building process of a frame-panel house are pre-cuted and numbered in our production premises, therefore it is not necessary to use cross-cutting machines or measuring measures, all you need to do is install timber elements according to mounting drawings. “PRE-CUT” system also allows to reduce transportation and installation costs, because pre-cuted elements takes less space in trailer, and customer doesn’t have to rent a crane. “PRE-CUT”method also  reduces amount of construction wastes, therefore construction site becomes cleaner and safer. In order to qualitatively assemble building using “PRE-CUT” system, the only thing you need to have is an even horizontal surface (wooden floor partition or concrete foundation), know what you want to build and contact us.